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Chris-Leef believes in providing the tools that help make our partnering agents jobs easier. So we are excited to be currently offering two courses to promote higher education for our agents! We also have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions, ranging from Accounting to Underwriting; Agency Appointment to Claims.

If you can't find what you need here, give us a call at 913-631-1232

M.G.A. - Making Great Amazing

A Chris-Leef General Agency Podcast
In just 10-15 minutes, learn more about the complicated landscape that is Excess and Surplus Lines. Join the Chris-Leef Team, as we discuss trends within the industry, how we can help your business grow, and our insurance stories. New episodes every other Wednesday! 


Interested in learning more about how to get quotes in just a few minutes?
Watch the recording below about how to best utilize USLI's Instant Phone Quote System and learn more about how they generate quotes and fill out the app for you!

Powerhouse Learning Audio Series

Taught by Brandie Hinen of Powerhouse Learning

Chris-Leef is excited to Partner with Powerhouse Learning to offer this exclusive audio series designed to help agencies unlock the practices and principles that that help them succeed! Click the title below to find short recordings designed to be easy to fit into your day. In under 10 minutes, Brandie expands on the topics:

  • Leadership - Leaders Author a Vision for Change

    • Don’t pass up learning a visioning process in this short 5-minute video that will transform the way you gain results from your efforts as a leader, and transform your communication in a way to gain respect and clarity from your sales and service teams alike!

  • Sales Teams - Qualifying

    • Learning to qualify is one of the traits of top performers in both sales and service roles. Using qualifying questions will help you determine where problems and challenges are can give you a process to determine how people think, how they balance value, and how to influence them in your direction!​

  • Sales Teams - Decision Making Process

    • Many sales people overlook recognizing two distinct people in the decision-making process, and one in particular has the power to eliminate you from the sales process altogether. This video will share the questions to ask both people in the process, and reveal a question you should NEVER ask a decisionmaker!​

  • Service Teams - Workflow

    • We realize that one of the things that stops staff from becoming more efficient is their inability to manage their tasks; to have a great workflow program that relieves some of the stress that they hold. This 5-minute learning clinic will introduce the basics of creating your own workflow program to eliminate backlog in 30 days!

  • Service Teams - XSARUS

    • So, what the heck is XSARUS anyway? It sounds like a dinosaur. It's just our way of talking about a cross-selling, account-rounding, and upselling program that will allow your staff to get amazing results using four simple symbols that will change the game for you and your internal revenue.


Cyber Liability - Free 2 Credit CE Course for KS & MO

Taught by Professional Lines Underwriter, Kimberly Sparks, CIC, RPLU


Are you offering this coverage to ALL your commercial customers???  If not, you could be exposing your agency to E&O Exposure.   47 States have Privacy Breach Laws which impose duties on “Data Owners” to notify individuals if private data has been lost or compromised. Learn more about this coverage.


What you will learn:

  • Who needs the coverage

  • What is covered

  • What types of data are at risk

  • How to sell this coverage


Contact Kimberly Sparks to request a class for your agency.


USLI Phone Quoting Webinar


Learn how the phone quoting process will go from phone call to binding. Click here to watch the 30 minute webinar!


Acceptable lines of business:

  • Commercial Multi-Line:

    • Apartments, Child Care, Contractors, Lessors Risk, Special Events, and more!

  • Non-Profit Package Lines:

    • Arts & Culture, Community Association Package, Youth Sports, and more!

  • Personal Lines:

    • 1-4 Family Dwellings, Condo/Renters, Home Based Business, and more!

  • Professional Lines:

    • Allied Health, Cyber Liability, Employment Practices Liability, and more!

  • See the full list

Employment Practice Liability Insurance


We specialize in Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) for all private corporations and non-profit organizations. The harsh reality is that businesses & non-profits are sued by their employees and volunteers every day. Did you know:

  • An employer is nearly three times more likely to be sued by an employee than experience a fire.

  • Most lawsuits settle out of court, but when they go to trial employees win 70% of the time.

  • The average EPL claim is $70K for defense and compensation, which is 26% higher than 3 years ago.

  • Your customers, clients, and job applicants can sue you for sexual harassment or discrimination, making 3rd party coverage very important to have on this policy.

  • Small companies account for roughly 40% of all employee lawsuits & administrative charges.

Contact our Professional Lines department today for help with your next Employment Practice Liability Insurance policy!

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