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IVANS Download with Chris-Leef

Download Configuration

You will need the following information to assist you when updating you agency management system. Please note that if you are unsure of how to enter any of this information into your system, you will need to contact your agency management system vendor for help.
MGA Resource IVANS Information
Y Account: MGAC
Machine Address: IBM724MGAR
Supported Policy Transactions:
Cancellation Confirmation (XLC)
New Business (NBS)
Policy Change (PCH)
Premium Audit (PAB)
Renewal (RWL)
Reinstatement (REI)
NAIC Codes
See our Carrier NAIC List page for more information on how to input this list.
Company Unique Coverage Codes
There are the coverage codes that you may need for your download setup. You can download this list HERE.
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