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Are you offering this coverage to ALL your commercial customers??? 

If not, you could be exposing your agency to E&O Exposure.

50 States have Privacy Breach Laws which impose duties on “Data Owners” to notify individuals if private data has been lost or compromised.

If any of these questions are answered “Yes” there is a Cyber/Privacy Exposure.

  • Do they store employee information such as social security #, payroll, and benefit information on their network?

  • Do they collect, store, process or transmit health related information?

  • Do they collect, store, process or transmit confidential information about clients?

  • Do they accept or process credit cards?

  • Do they store data/confidential data on the Cloud or use data host provider?

  • Do they have wireless networks in their office?

  • Do their employees use laptops, or smart phones to access email or confidential client information?

  • Do they have a website that is interactive and allows external users access account info?

  • Are they in compliance with all federal, state & local laws pertaining to security & privacy?

Who NEEDS this coverage?

What is typically covered?

1st Party Loss Costs

3rd Party Liability

Media/Website Liability

Network Security Liability

Privacy Liability

Regulatory Proceeding Defense

Breach Response Costs – Notification/Credit Monitoring

Cyber Extortion Loss/costs

Data Recovery Costs

Legal/Forensic Costs

PCI Fines/Penalties (associated with credit card processing)

Public Relations/crisis management costs

Regulatory Fines/Penalties

Social Engineering Fraud

Brand Repair

  • Financial – such as CPA’s, tax preparers, bookkeepers, financial planners, insurance agents...

  • Healthcare – Health clinics, home health, hospitals, pharmacies, doctor offices...

  • Hospitality – Motel/hotels, property managers, real estate agents...

  • Service – charitable/religious orgs. staffing agencies, law firms, repair/maintenance services, funeral homes...

  • Retail – Auto dealers, clothing, restaurants, convenience stores, museums, theaters, groceries stores, sports clubs...

  • Education – Business schools, colleges/universities, K-12 schools...

  • Manufacturing – General products/wholesale distributors...

Cyber Indication

Request a Cyber Indication below!

We can provide Cyber Indications for the industries shown below.

If not listed, please complete the Breach Response Application below for a quote.

A Cyber Indication can be provided if the insured is within the industries listed below:

Learn More

Take Our FREE CE Cyber Course

Taught by our own Professional Lines Underwriter, Kimberly Sparks, CIC, RPLU.

*This course counts for 2 Credit Hours of CE for KS & MO agents.

This course goes into detail about:

  • Who needs the coverage

  • What is covered

  • What types of data are at risk

  • How to sell this coverage

  • Learn More

Contact Kimberly Sparks to request a class for your agency. *Please be aware that all requests are considered, but not all are granted due to location.

Cyber Course
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