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Safeguard your insured's company with broad, specialized environmental insurance coverage with Chris-Leef General Agency.


Manufacturers, distributors, contractors, consultants, transporters, fixed facility owners, and related organizations can secure single or multipurpose pollution insurance programs that focus on aiding to mitigate risk in constantly changing environmental settings.


Our dedicated Environmental Team is here to assist. Click here to find out what we need to get started!

 Why Environmental Liability?

Products and Coverages

Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)


TARGET AUDIENCE: All environmental and non-environmental contractors requiring pollution coverage.

  • The construction industry is booming and experts expect growth to continue.

  • Most sub-contractors are required to carry CPL coverage even for a small project.

  • Losses can include Third Party claims for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Clean-Up Costs.

  • ISO General Liability insurance policies normally exclude Pollution Liability coverage which can leave a gap in your clients Insurance Program.

  • Pollution claims are on the rise and many contractors do not have pollution coverage.

  • Occurrence and Claims-Made coverages are available for both Practice and Project specific basis.

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Professional Liability (PL)


TARGET AUDIENCE: All environmental consultants, engineers, and laboratories requiring pollution coverage.

  • Insurance protection against wrongful acts performed while providing professional services.

  • ISO General Liability insurance policies normally exclude Professional Liability coverage.

  • Suitable for entities performing only professional services such as Environmental Consultants or Engineers.

  • Packaged and stand-alone coverages are available with CPL, Transportation, and General Liability.

Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)


TARGET AUDIENCE: All environmental and non-environmental contractors and consultants requiring Transportation Pollution Liability coverage

  • ISO commercial transportation insurance policies normally exclude Pollution Liability coverage.

  • Coverage designed for Motor Vehicle Pollution Liability only.

  • Also suitable for contractors hauling equipment to and from sites.

  • CPL/Transportation Pollution Liability package policies available.

  • Standalone transportation pollution liability available.

  • TPL  can assist with both First & Third Party Coverages.

Environmental Excess Follow Form


TARGET AUDIENCE – All environmental and non-environmental contractors and consultants seeking to supplement their primary environmental policies with higher limits.

  • When the primary limits are not enough and insureds are seeking higher limits.

  • Excess follow form coverage can be attached to CPL, PL, TPL, Site Liability, and package policies.


Miscellaneous Environmental Coverages


TARGET AUDIENCE – Any Insured from Contractors to Convenience Stores.

  • Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST).

  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST).

  • Fixed Site Properties.

  • Contractors Pollution Liability with General Liability.

  • Contractors Pollution Liability with Professional Liability.

  • Commercial General Liability with Pollution Liability.


we need

What We Need

Submission requirements vary with carriers. Some carriers may require their own applications upon binding coverage. However, at minimum please provide:

  • Completed application

  • Loss Runs for last 4 years. If insured never had Pollution coverage, please provide GL Loss Runs.

  • If Insured is a new entity, please provide financial statements for the last two years.

  • List of requested coverages.

  • Target Premium indication.

  • Please note: Depending upon the class of risk and coverages requested; Carriers may require supplemental applications in addition to the main application.

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