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Why Your Clients NEED

Cyber Liability

Are you offering this coverage to ALL your commercial customers? If not, you could be exposing your agency to an E&O Exposure.


47 States have Privacy Breach Laws which impose duties on "Data Owners" to notify individuals if private data has been lost or compromised. 80% of businesses that experience a breach do not have coverage. Don't let your clients be part of this startling statistic! Request a Cyber Indication here!

Who Needs this coverage?

If any of these questions are answered “Yes” there is a Cyber/Privacy Exposure.​​

  • Do they store employee information such as social security #, payroll, and benefits information on their network?

  • Do they collect, store, process or transmit health-related information?

  • Do they collect, store, process or transmit confidential information about clients?

  • Do they accept or process credit cards?

  • Do they have wireless networks in their office?

  • Do they store data/confidential data on the Cloud or use data host provider?

  • Do their employees use laptops, or smartphones to access email or confidential client information?

  • Do they have a website that is interactive and allows external users to access account info?

  • Are they in compliance with all federal, state & local laws pertaining to security & privacy?

What is typically covered?

1st Party Loss Costs

Breach Response Costs – Notification/Credit Monitoring

Cyber Extortion Loss/costs

Data Recovery Costs

Legal/Forensic Costs

PCI Fines/Penalties (associated with credit card processing)

Public Relations/crisis management costs

Regulatory Fines/Penalties

3rd Party Liability

Media/Website Liability

Network Security Liability

Privacy Liability

Regulatory Proceeding Defense

Request a Cyber Indication


We can provide Cyber Indications for the industries shown below. If not listed, please complete the Breach Response Application for a quote.

A Cyber Indication can be provided if the insured is within the industries listed below:

  • Financial – such as CPA’s, tax preparers, bookkeepers, financial planners, insurance agents...

  • Healthcare – Health clinics, home health, hospitals, pharmacies, doctor offices...

  • Hospitality – Motel/hotels, property managers, real estate agents...

  • Service – charitable/religious organizations. staffing agencies, law firms, repair/maintenance services, funeral homes...

  • Retail – Auto dealers, clothing, restaurants, convenience stores, museums, theaters, grocery stores, sports clubs...

  • Education – Business schools, colleges/universities, K-12 schools...

  • Manufacturing – General products/wholesale distributors...