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Cyber Liability & Data Breach Coverage

The Scary Truth

Did you know:

·         Small businesses claim 85% of all data breaches due to being considered low risk, high reward targets.

·         Federal laws protect customers from having to pay for fraudulent charges,leaving the debt of a breach to the business. How many customers doYOU have???

·         The average breach costs alone total upwards of $300,000!

·         Following a breach, it is illegal for the business to not notify the affected customers—averaging another $565,020! Not to mention the loss of trust from current and potential customers.

·         Don’t forget the regulatory fines and penalties potentially reaching over $1,000,000!!

What does this coverage offer?

·         Protection for any business that stores, maintains or controls personal information

·         Minimum premium of $1,000 for $1 million limits – up to $20 million limits


·         ELECTRONICas well as PAPER FILES

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