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Come join us as we kick off our first

  PICNIC of the year!!!



Date:        Friday, May 1st, 2015

Time:       12:00 - 1:00

Where:    11503 W. 75th St., Shawnee Mission, KS 66214

Did you know patients at Children's Mercy aren't able to share toys?? Each child must get their own in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. With 354 beds and children constantly coming and going, could you imagine the demand for toys?!

How YOU Can Help!

Instead of cash donations, Chris-Leef is asking all attendees to bring a TOY DONATION.           

Items Requested by Children's Mercy:

Books                                                                             Stickers
Puzzles                                                                           Foam Airplanes
Card Games                                                                 Non-Toxic Bubbles
Crayola Crayons                                                          Non-Toxic Markers
Small Toys                                                                    Plush toys
Pinwheels                                                                     Erasers
Coloring Books – Free printable pages online!!
Pencils                                                                          Little Plastic Cars
Super Balls (Latex Free)                                            Plastic Animals
Bracelets                                                                       Rings
Necklaces                                                                     Key chains
Mini Frisbees                                                                Squeeze balls
Other small non-violent and non-religious toys

Children's Mercy will also accept $5 GIFT CARDS that will be given to patients celebrating milestones, such as BIRTHDAYS or the COMPLETION OF CHEMO!! 

                             **Everything must be NON-TOXIC & LATEX FREE**

                                     Chris-Leef General Agency, Inc.
                                    RSVP to CASEY BELLO @
                         (913) 631-1232 or CLAIMS@CHRIS-LEEF.COM
                                          Can’t make the picnic??
                 That’s ok – we accept monetary donations as well!


Gary Peterson will be teaching a class at PIA this summer. Chris-Leef is also a main sponsor of this PIA Kansas...

Posted by Chris-Leef General Agency, Inc on Thursday, April 30, 2015